When a field trip is not an option, you can still bring the lessons of the natural world to your students with an in school program.

Our one and a half hour programs have been developed to bring the Outdoor Classroom to your school. Students can experience hands-on activities or enjoy a presentation with Biology in a Box or a Microfossil study.

Biology in a Box - Boreal Forest Studies

Boreal Forest Mystery

Learn the mysteries of the northern forest. Uncover interconnections among its organisms and the non-living environment. Participate in hands-on activities.

Nature Crafts

Construct crafts from nature resources. Ideal for elementary grades.

Bees in the Forest

Discover the art of beekeeping in a natural setting.

Invertebrate Study

Sample and identify the "critters" that inhabit Lake Winnipeg.

Snow Ecology

Learn the characteristics of snow while carrying out activities designed to help students measure and observe the ways that animals and plants adapt to the cold weather.

Stony Fossil Study

Microfossil Lab

Listen to a talk on the world of macro and micro fossils. Learn about the process of preparing sediment samples. Use a microscope to select microfossils from sediment and prepare a microfossil slide to take home. School must provide a room with sink, dissecting microscopes (20x), camel hair brushes and scissors.

Costs vary by program and number of students.