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Outdoor Classroom programs at Stony Fossils are held within Mariash Quarry in Stony Mountain, MB, approximately 15 miles north of Winnipeg.

The Stony Fossils site includes an outdoor fossil dig area, work stations, a tent shelter, picnic tables and a school bus that has been converted to display fossils and rocks. While the area is backed by rock walls, the picnic area features grass, trees and portable toilets.


Students are asked to stay within the roped areas. Teachers and chaperones attend free. Find our map or check the Curriculum Links.

Half Day Program

Fossil Hunt - 1.5 Hours

  • Hunt for 440 million year old fossils

  • Hear what Manitoba was like at the time, what organisms
    prowled the Ordovician Sea and how they lived

  • Sort, clean and identify specimens using provided
    identification charts and tools

  • Choose your favourite fossil to take home!

Students = $5.25 each;  Minimum Charge = $105 (GST included)

Full Day Program

Fossil Hunt Plus one Additional Study - 3.5 Hrs

  • Rock & Mineral Study

Students = $9.45 each; Minimum Charge = $283.50 (GST included)

To Book:

Call Gloria Mariash


Or Email


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