The Outdoor Classroom is a family-run business with programs developed by an experienced teacher. Every program, whether in school or at one of our sites, brings students in touch with nature and the science and lessons behind it.

Meet Mike James - BSC BED

Before developing and delivering programs for the Outdoor Classroom, Mike James taught High School and AP Biology and Horticulture in public schools for 35 years. Since his retirement from the school system, Mike has continued to teach both Biology and Horticulture, as well as Outdoor Education and Envirothon Studies. In addition to teaching, he has coordinated the Manitoba Envirothon, written a supplement to a Biology textbook and created programs for other nature centres. He is past president of the Woodlot Association of Manitoba and serves on the board of the Manitoba Model Forest, The Native Orchid Conservation Board, the Debwendon Board and the YES Committee.

Meet Gloria Mariash

Gloria coordinates Stony Fossils programs at family-owned,
Mariash Quarry. Many schools had approached the quarry for permission to bring students out to hunt for fossils. Rather than crushing all their smaller stone, the family decided it would be more rewarding to use it for educational purposes and opened a fossil dig site. It has become a unique and safe way for children to have a hands-on introduction to the fascinating world of fossils.


Boreal Woods Nature Centre 

Mike James maintains the nature centre and trail on his property near Grand Beach.


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Stony Fossils at Mariash Quarry

This active quarry houses an area dedicated to fossil hunts and school activites.


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FOR FOSSIL PROGRAMS: Call 204-344-5115 or email fossils@theoutdoorclassroom.net  

FOR FOREST PROGRAMS: Call 204-663-0408 or 204-771-2503 or email forest@theoutdoorclassroom.net  

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