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There is no better way to discover the lessons of the natural world than through guided exploration at one of our Outdoor Classroom locations.

Outdoor Classroom activities have been developed by Mike James, a biology teacher, to complement the curriculum of various age groups. Elementary to Senior students (grades K-12) can participate in studies and activities at either the Boreal Woods Nature Centre or the Stony Fossils program at Mariash Quarry.


Visits to the boreal forest and quarry may be a 1/2 day field trip or a full day of outdoor learning. The Boreal Woods Nature Centre also offers unique overnight experiences and longer excursion packages well suited to senior students.

Curriculum Links

Elementary & Middle School

We can help you choose Outdoor Classroom studies
to bring the following topics to life for hands-on learning:

  • Growth and Changes in Plants

  • Soils in the Environment

  • Habitats & Communities

  • Rocks, Minerals, Fossils & Erosion

  • Diversity of Living Things

  • Earth's Crust

  • Water Systems on Earth

Senior Grades

More advanced Outdoor Classroom studies
are available to enrich the following topics:

  • Ecology - Dynamics of Ecosystems

  • Diversity of Life Ecology

  • Organizing Biodiversity

  •  Conservation of Biodiversity

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